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Revision 1.179 - (download) (annotate)
Mon Nov 7 10:28:04 2011 UTC (6 years, 11 months ago) by madgraph
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.178: +3 -1 lines
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Update notes for MadGraph/MadEvent 4 (in reverse time order)

4.5.2 (07/11/11) RF: Argument of the EPSFI term fixed in
                 MadGraphII/dipolecolor.f file and an argument for the
                 PDF of one of the integrated dipoles fixed. Thanks to
                 Dorival Goncalves Netto.
4.5.1 (18/07/11) NG (by RF): Updates for the MadDipole. Sometimes the
                   wrong PDF was assigned to the integrated dipoles. QED version
                   allows for external W-bosons. Furthermore there was a factor NC
                   wrong in the QED pole terms.
4.5.0 (13/04/11)  YT+KM (by OM): Added spin 3/2 functionality inside MadGraph (merge with the KEK branch).
                              mssm_gravitino: 1010.4255/1101.1289 [hep-ph]

-- Passing to subversion 4.5 with spin 3/2 functionality --

4.4.63 (13/04/11) QL+OM+PAq: fix one helas routines linked to spin2 (ftixxx.f)

4.4.62 (22/03/11) JA: Fixed wrong array limit in cluster.f, introduced in v. 4.4.59.

4.4.61 (15/03/11) RF (for NG): Fixed a bug in MadDipole that used the wrong PDG code
                      in one of the integrated dipoles.

4.4.60 (11/03/11) RF (for NG): Fixed a bug in MadDipole related to the off-diagonal
                      helicity configurations. Introduced in v4.4.49.

4.4.59 (09/03/11) JA: Major revamping and speedup of clustering routines in cluster.f, 
                      as well as fixing some bugs which gave segmentation faults for 
                      certain processes on certain architectures.

4.4.58 (21/02/11) SdV: Bug fixing: comparison s_max.lt.1d5 -->  dqrt(s_max).lt.1d5. Same for ptllmax.

4.4.57 (12/01/11) JA: Add "pop-up" color indices for diquark-type resonances 
                      in the event file. No difference is made between color
                      sextets and color triplets.

4.4.56 (03/01/11) JA: Make sure that the integration grids are cleaned before run
                  JA: Change default scale from average of last two clustering scales to 
                      maximum, giving more expected behavior for single production of
                      heavy particle + light parton

4.4.55 (17/12/10) SdV: Added smckm_zerobmass: equivalent to smckm model but with non massive b quark.

4.4.54 (16/12/10) RF: Bug fixed in dipolcolor.f. Thanks to Pierpaolo Mastrolia.

4.4.53 (13/12/10) SdV: Added sm_massivebc: equivalent to sm model but with massive c quark 

4.4.52 (04/12/10) TS+JA: IMPORTANT: Fixed bug in unwgt.f. Sometimes events associated 
                      to channels with *very small* cross sections were not produced correctly. 
                      In some extreme cases (very large number of subprocesses giving very small
                      cross sections), this bug occasionally lead to up to a few tens of percent
                      downward fluctuations in the number of events associated to subprocesses 
                      with very small overall contribution. Cross sections values for subprocesses
                      and channels were not affected. Thanks to Alexis Kalogeropoulos for the
                      excellent work of reporting this very-difficult-to-find problem.
                  JA: Fixed small bug which affected selection of forced Breit-Wiegner
                      resonances in the particular case when there was a massless s-channel 
                      propagator in the decay of a forced onshell particle.
                  JA: Added reset statement to symmetry.f to ensure that diagram symmetry
                      works with all compilers.

4.4.51 (30/11/10) JA: Increased allowed length of subprocess directory names to 100 in 
		  SdV: Added cuts on summed lepton pT

4.4.50 (18/11/10) JA: Fixed bug in addmothers.f, which always wrote the first allowed color
                  flow for each channel to the event file, instead of MCing. Note that
                  this does not in any way affect the cross section of event distribution,
                  it can only affect the shower by showering MCs.

4.4.49 (30/10/10) RF: Included the QED dipoles by Nico Greiner.

4.4.48 (16/10/10) JA: Included also the maxflow parameter in maxamps.inc, written by MG.
                      Modified files in Template/SubProcesses to use this instead of fixed number.

4.4.47 (14/09/10) OM: include Lu Ran patch decreasing disk access. (Thanks a lot for this patch)

4.4.46 (06/09/10) JA: Made sure that the cross section read by Pythia in the unweighted_events.lhe
                      file is identical to that reported in the results.html file.

4.4.45 (03/08/10) OM: Fixed bug in JVSS Helas routine (thanks to Kanzaki)

4.4.44 (07/07/10) JA: Fixed bug in cluster.f which affected processes generated
                      with MadGraph 5. Fixed mapping between ptclus and particle.

4.4.43 (18/06/10) JA: Fixed 2->1 process running also without fixed scales
                  JA: Allow run names starting with P and G (thanks Matt Buckley and Celine Degrande
                      for reporting this bug)

4.4.42 (16/06/10) RF: Fixed the 1->2 decay processes; bug was introduced in version 4.4.39.
                  RF: Fixed bug in presetting of integration grids. Thanks to Hiroshi Yokoya for
                      pointing out the bug

4.4.41 (15/06/10) OM: Change ./bin/Passto_gfortran for bash compatibility
                  OM+JA: Modify newprocess_mg5 in order to have a better redirection of stdout

4.4.40 (01/06/10) OM: Change the reading routine of the param_card.dat. Some model had a short limit on
		      the maximal lenght of the line (Thanks to E. Akyazi)

4.4.39 (25/05/10) TS+JA: Allow integration of 2->1 processes, e.g. p p > Z.

4.4.38 (13/05/10) JA: Some modifications to newprocess_mg5 and clean_template

4.4.37 (06/05/10) JA & OM: Additions/modifications to allow MadEvent process directory
                           generation with MadGraph 5

4.4.36 (20/04/10) JA: Let MadGraph create file maxamps.inc, to allow any number of amplitudes in MadEvent
                  JA: Cleanup: In particular removed include of nexternal.inc from genps.inc, and make sure
                      there is only one version of genps.inc (in Source, linked to SubProcesses)

4.4.35 (30/03/10) JA: Fixed issue with gluons interpreted as radiated from decaying tops
                  JA: Added script run_plot for easy plot generation from MadAnalysis

4.4.34 (23/03/10) RF: Added integrated dipoles to MadDipole

4.4.33 (22/12/09) MH: Fixed wrong write statement in usrmod_FR, tks to J. Santiago

4.4.32 (16/11/09) PDA (by OM): add some HELAS routine for graviton model (thanks to quiang li)

4.4.31 (11/11/09) JA: New running mode: Multicore running (parallel mode 2) (thanks Tilman Plehn)
                      Starts up to specified number of jobs running simultaneously in the background,
                      to exploit multicore machines without installing batch system.
                  JA: Fixed compile script for dynamic mode

4.4.30 (21/10/09) FM (by OM): Change the check_sa in order to be able to compute decay width of particles.

4.4.29 (16/10/09) OM+AP: MadWeight Version 2.5 is now stable. We strongly recommend to pass to this version.

4.4.28 (2/10/09)  OM: Huge improvment for MadWeight computation. Candidate Release of MadWeight2.5 is now available.
                  OM: fix Passto_gfortran: remove pointless warning 

4.4.27 (25/09/09) PA (by OM): Fix the base on the computer at 2. In some computer the lapack failed to 
                       find the correct bases

4.4.26 (14/08/09) MH+FR team+Model authors: New FR models (*_FR): Standard Model
                  MSSM, Generic 2HDM, Minimal Higgsless and UED. 
                  New usrmod framework (usrmod_FR) to use with the new models.
4.4.25 (3/08/09)  JA: Implementation of CKKW-style matching with Pythia pT-ordered showers
                      So far only ISR; FSR given by Sherpa paradigm + suppressed for heavy final states
                      Please note that this is still beta.
                  JA: Choice between Durham and Pythia scheme for pT definition in MLM matching
                      (by run_card parameter ktscheme)
                      Choice between kT-clustering and clustering based on channel diagram (chcluster)
                  JA: PDF reweighting for MLM matching (needed for pT-ordered Pythia showers)

4.4.24 (30/06/09) TS (by RF): updated Source/dsample.f to fix a small bug in the endpoint
                  of the integration grid which let to some value > 1
                  OM+JA: include compatibility with LHAPDF module. Read the README for more information
                  OM: add routine ./bin/Passto_gfortran.py in order to change the compilator to gfortran.

4.4.23 (12/06/09) CD (by MH): updated wwwwn and jwwwn HELAS routines for FR 1.4
                  MH: small fix for 2HDM full from validation of FR1.4 model
		  JA: Included Delphes support (run_delphes, generate_events, store, Cards)

4.4.22 (9/06/09)  TS (by MH): fix print statement for gfortran thanks to T. Rosten
                  JA: Modified run_pgs to account for new version of PGS4

4.4.21 (14/05/09) TS: correct instabilities present in T-channel

4.4.20 (11/05/09) OM: modification of Subversion of MadWeight (now in version 2.2)

4.4.19 (24/03/09) RF: Some bugfixes for MadDipole, thanks to M. Worek and M. Czakon.

4.4.18 (19/03/09) JA: Improved speed of mssm, heft and sm production with variable scales

4.4.17 (27/02/09) JA: Fixed minor bugs introduced in v. 4.4.16:
                      Fixed bug with variable scales for incoming b-quarks when maxjetflavor<5
                      Fixed bug with PDFs for antiprotons
                      Fixed bug with variable scales with incoming none-QCD particles
                      Changed the cut ptheavy to be active only if there are heavy particles 

4.4.16 (11/02/09) JA: Multiple changes
                  - New treatment of PDFs by MadGraph. Now, only the PDFs for flavors actually used
                    are evaluated, since the PDF call previously took up to 50% of the time for
                    simple processes.
                  - New default scale choices: variable factorization and renormalization scales,
                    set to the central mT^2 scale after kT-clustering of the event.
                    For single heavy particle, this corresponds to the M^2+pT^2, for pair
                    of heavy particles it is the geometric mean of M^2+pT^2 for each particle,
                    for massless particles it is the pT^2 of the last pair after clustering.
                    If the last clustering is a t-channel colorless exchange (as, e.g., in WBF), 
                    the two fact. scales are set to the last mT^2 values on either side.
                  - These scales are overridden by scales defined in setscales.f, if they are 
                    returned as non-0.
                  - xqcut only acts on jet particles, as defined by maxjetflavor in the run_card
                  - The integration grid preparation takes into account xqcut, so no pT, deltaR 
                    or invariant mass cuts needed unless specifically wanted
		  - New, more reasonable, default for bwcutoff (15 instead of 5) in the run_card.

4.4.15 (30/01/09) MH: Fix bug in SM parameter convention for smckm model (Thanks to
                  Claude Duhr and Priscila de Aquino). Fix bug in ZH+H- coupling (compare to
                  AH+H-) in 2hdm and 2hdm_full, thanks to Heather Logan and Shain Davidson.

4.4.14 (23/01/09) JA & TS: Modifications of grid preconditioning
                  routines in myamp.f, to improve result for competing resonances.
                  Bug fixed affecting simulation of resonances in shat in the presence 
                  of competing resonances, e.g. pp>h>e+e-mu+mu-.

4.4.13 (12/01/09) FR Team: Changes motivated by the development of the MSSM FR Model.
		  Increase of default param values in params.inc for MG. Small bug correction
		  in original mssm interactions.dat file. Correction of particular HELAS routines 
		  jioc, jw3wn, jwwwn, w3w3n and wwwwn.

4.4.12 (27/12/08) MadTeam: Bug fixed: integration grids were not
                  systematically reset anymore since 4.3.0. This may have affected xsec
                  calculation and event generation starting from the second run in a given
                  process directory if particular cuts (pt,...) have been lowered in
                  run_card.dat after a first integration, or if the PDF/collider params have
                  been changed. In many cases, ME forced the grid reset, but not

4.4.11 (09/12/08) RF: topBSM model upgrade and allow for both a prefix
		      and new color structure (06/10/08) for the same interaction

4.4.10 (25/11/08) PA: MadOnia implementation.

4.4.9 (17/11/08) RF: Fixed bug in color algebra for the MadDipole package.
                     Thanks to Axel Bredenstein for pointing this out.

4.4.8 (11/11/08) OM: modification in Template for compatibility with MadWeight 2.1.5. 
		     (See MadWeight Updates Notes for more details). 
		     The only file modified is cuts.f (change some comment line)
4.4.7 (10/10/08) OM+MH: Correct major bug (in refine) introduce in version 4.4.5
                 thanks to Neil and Claude
4.4.6 (06/10/08) TS: more general color structure, a user can add a 3 octet interaction 
                 with the d^abc color structure using the line
                 g g g G  QCD ^dabc^
                 in interactions.dat

4.4.5 (30/09/08) OM: Full compatibility of ME with gfortran.
		 OM: MadWeight is running and has now is own version number/Updates notes. Major modification of MW 
		     will be notify here anyway.

4.4.4 (22/09/08) MH: Corrected small bug with spin states in qnumbers. Tks to Mario Kadastik

4.4.3 (08/08/08) RF: Added MadDipole functionality for automated dipole
		 subtraction. StandAlone version only.
                 See the wiki-page for more details.

4.4.2 (4/08/08) OM+PA: 
	       -> MadWeight doesn't work completly 
	       -> MadWeight reads particles.dat for full model compatibility
	       -> include madweight specific card via a automatic generation of .inc file 

4.4.1 (15/07/08) OM+PA: First step of the merge: MadWeight only
	       -> MadGraph 4.3.0 : stable
	       -> MadWeight : not working

4.4.0 (??/??/??) JA: Added new notation to remove diagams with given s-channel
                     propagators in for process generation.
                     Ex:  pp > bb~W+W- $ t
                     to remove all diagrams with t as s-channel propagator 
                     (in order to get only single top with extra b)

-- Passing to subversion 4.4  with MadWeight+MadDipole+Madonia functionality --

4.3.0 (08/07/08) MG Team: Added functionality for generating and running 
                 processes for the Grid. By setting the option gridpack
                 to .true. in run_card.dat, an enhanced survey will be
                 performed, and a file gridpack.tar.gz will be created.
                 This file can then be sent to the Grid for optimized
                 event generation on single-processor machines. Please see
                 for additional instructions.
                 MG Team: Added large set of extra parameters and cuts 
                 in run_card.dat:
                 gridpack: (see above)
                 bwcutoff: How many width away from the pole mass a 
                    resonance is included in the event file. Especially
                    important for decay chain processes, where the Breit
                    Wigner of specified resonances is cutoff at this value
                 maxjetflavor: How many quark flavors are affected by the
                    jet cuts, i.e. are seen as massless quarks
                 missing ET cuts
                 maximum pt, invariant mass and delta R cuts
                 minimum rapidity cuts
                 specified pt cuts for each of the first four jets
                 HT cuts (total jet HT and 2,3,4 jet HT)

-- Passing to subversion 4.3 with grid functionality --

4.2.11 (09/06/08) JA: Allow for process specific parameters in the run_card,
                  using the syntax value = param@PID where PID is the process
                  id set in the proc_card.dat.

4.2.10 (30/05/08) RF: Added the spin-2 routines by Hagiwara et al.
                  (0805.2554 [hep-ph]). These routines should still be used
                  with care, in particular because the 5-point interactions
                  are not yet there in a way that they can be automatized.

4.2.9 (15/05/08) JA: Allow for arbitrary integer N in process flag @N in
                 MG proc_card.dat 

4.2.8 (09/05/08) TS: Fixed problem with phase space sampling in the process
                 pp>bb~ by making analytical transformation of shat.
                 JA: Fixed issue with ixxxxx.F for negative-mass initial state
                 particles in decay processes A>BC.
                 JA: Fixed sign of widths of Majorana fermions in mssm (need
                 to be same as sign of mass for HELAS)

4.2.7 (16/04/08) TS: Bug in tops.f afflicting certain decay chain processes 
                 fixed. Thanks to Roberto Franceschini.

4.2.6 (20/02/08) JA: Bug in readproc.f affecting certain decay processes 
                 A>BC fixed. Max number of multiparticle labels changed to 10.

4.2.5 (12/02/08) TS: correct error in format statement in scale_events.f 
                 for cases w/ B.W. and > 100 diagrams. Thanks to Erkcan Ozcan.
                 TS: Take into account color factor when grouping diagram. 
                 Thanks to Roberto Franceschini for pointing out this
                 possible issue.

4.2.4 (27/01/08) MH: New (faster) version of merge.pl by Richard Corke
                 JA: Changed ren and fact scales in matched ktjet case
		 when last clustering is QCD s-channel to m_T.
		 Improved ordering of channels in the batch job files to 
		 make run time more equal for the different jobs.

4.2.3 (14/01/08) JA: Fixed initial random seed to work with bash scripts
                 Fixed bug with w mass in MSSM model, introduced in v4.1.47

4.2.2 (21/12/07) JA: MG/ME completely moved from csh to bash. Modified files:
		 Template/bin: calculate_crossx clean gen_crossxhtml-pl 
		    generate_events monitor multi_run newprocess 
		    newprocess_sa plot put_banner qsub refine remove rmrun 
		    run_combine standalone store sumall survey 

4.2.1 (15/12/07) MH: Fix PDG mass of antitau in DECAY. Thanks to A. Strumia !

4.2.0 (12/12/07) JA/TS: Included support for decay chains.
                 Added support for 10 external particles.
                 Changed files:
                 MadGraphII: colors.f crossing.f driver.f fields.f readproc.f
                 sort.f tops.f write_configs.f params.inc
                 Template/SubProcesses: cuts.f myamp.f symmetry.f  genps.inc
                 Template/Source: genps.inc
                 Template/bin: newprocess
                 Usage example: Specify decay using the syntax 
                    ab > (c>(d>ef)g) (h>ij) k
                 meaning that ab > chk is the central process and c and h decay
                 further. Note that decayed particles are forced to be on the 
                 Breit Wigner (Mass +/- 5 Gamma).
                 JA: Fixed formatting bug in LHE files in case of 10 process 

-- Passing to subversion 4.2 with the inclusion of the decay chain formalism --

4.1.47 (08/12/07) JA: Moved card info into <header> of LHE file using XML 
		  JA: Fixed bug in downloaded version, introduced with 
		  v. 4.1.45 (thanks to Bob McElrath!)

4.1.46 (26/11/07) RF: For the on-line plotting, MadAnalysis now used.

4.1.45 (07/11/07) JA: Added possibility to specify decay processes to
                  MadGraph and MadEvent, such as ta+>e+vevt~, instead of
		  the normal scattering processes.
		  In this case, none of the information in the run_card.dat
		  is used. The scale for alpha_s is the mass of the decaying 
                  TS: Fixed bug in MadGraph when required s-channel
                  propagator is a Majorana fermion

4.1.44 (27/10/07) JA: Fixed so MadGraph writes abs(masses) in phase
                  space also for internal propagators (since SUSY can have 
		  negative masses)
		  JA: Fixed grid PDF preparation in gensym when s-channel 
		  propagator has mass < min energy of final-states

4.1.43 (16/10/07) MH: Moved QNUMBERS definition to usrmod framework
                  JA: Added automatic running of hep2lhe conversion and
		  root file generation in run_pythia and run_pgs scripts
		  Added extra store call in generate_events to store
		  generation before start of Pythia and PGS runs
		  Added cut on energy of jets, b, lepton, photon
		  JA: Removed "wait" statement in newprocess which gave 
		  problems for process generation on certain Linux systems

4.1.42 (01/10/07) JA: Added the promised buttons to run Pythia and PGS 
                  directly from the crossx page
		  Added automatic LHE converstion of Pythia file in
		  Write error message for 0 cross section

4.1.41 (12/09/07) JA: Fixed bug in genps.f which sometimes gave
                  segmentation fault for complicated processes 
                  JA: Different process ids in the event file for the
                  different process group numbers specified in the

4.1.40 (06/09/07) JA: Added possibility to specify beam polarization
                  (between -100, completely left-handed, and 100,
                  completely right-handed, with 0 meaning unpolarized
                  beam) in run_card.dat

4.1.39 (30/08/07) RF: Added optional parameter fixed_couplings to run_card.dat
		  to calculate coupling 'constants' for every event. Also
		  included a common block for the momenta so that they are
		  available in couplings.f.
		  Added a partial set of HELAS routines for the spin-2 (graviton)

4.1.38 (27/08/07) MH: Added support for QNUMBERS (qnumbers.pl script to add
                  info from particles.dat in the param_card section of the banner)
                  for future compatibiliy with external generic decay routines
                  (Les Houches 07 project)

4.1.37 (22/08/07) MH: Changed default behavior if no PDF (0 and 0). Now
                  the alpha_s value is extracted from the G value computed from
                  the param_card and is no longer extracted from the PDF quoted 
                  in the run_card. The default order for the running of alfas is 2.
                  MH: Fixed conflict between same name routines open_file
                  now the MODEL routine is called open_file_mdl
                  MH: Remove unnecessary open_file.f in usrmod v1

4.1.36 (13/08/07) JA: Fixed bug for identical particles in color structure 
                  by diagram

4.1.35 (10/08/07) TS: Major improvements to generation efficiency.
                  Get exact number of events asked for
                  JA: Choose color structure by diagram, which allows
                  better sampling of very subleading color structures.
                  Improved treatment of propagator inclusion in event 
		  OM: Fixed bug in photon flux function, introduced 
                  with v. 4.1.32

4.1.34 (03/08/07) JA: Set couplings event-by-event for variable
                  scales, to get right scale also for SUSY couplings
                  SdV: Added WBF delta(eta) cut to run_card

4.1.33 (27/06/07) JA: Addition to dsample.f to facilitate event
                  combination when no events pass cuts in one channel

4.1.32 (11/06/07) OM: Change for Matrix Element project: add an option
                  to change the name of the read param_card.dat. 
		  Modification in Models and in Template.
                  Changed files:

4.1.31 (05/06/07) JA+TS: Removed extra output line in event files for
                  non-matching case + improved efficiency for difficult cases

4.1.30 (23/05/07) JA: Changed rescaling of alpha_s in matching so that
		  only vertices where a jet is produced are rescaled.

4.1.29 (07/05/07) MH: Better merging routine for multi_run (averaging xsec).
                  Forbid run of more than 10000 diagrams on clusters.

4.1.28 (06/04/07) MH: Added an "upload banner" option on the upload cards pages
                  based on a new script to split a banner in cards

4.1.27 (06/04/07) MH: Change 'cp' to 'cp -p' in all Template scripts to correct
                  bug of unreflected change on couplings.f. Thanks Bob McElrath!
                  Affected files are cpall gen_jpeg multi_run newprocess setup_model
                  and store

4.1.26 (05/04/07) MH: Added multi_run feature together with merge feature

4.1.25 (28/3/07) JA: Changed Template/bin/store to renew the grid after each run,
                 Added link to process generation log in info-default.html

4.1.24 (21/3/07) JA: Added automatic compilation of MadGraph, Pythia
                 and PGS in newprocess and generate_events
		 Added matching flag to default run_card.dat

4.1.23 (12/3/07) MH: Added multi run feature to ME

4.1.22 (7/3/07) MH: Fixed compatibility issue with concat of jobs with a perl 
                    call in refine (thanks to Qiang Li) + change name of TDPLOTS
                    to SimpleAnalysis

4.1.21 (6/3/07) JA: Re-fixed bug in Zoom_Event (unwgt.f). Thanks Steve Mrenna!

4.1.20 (1/3/07) RF: Bug fixed in MadGraphII/leshouche.f for color structures
       that include color singlets connecting to color octets. MadGraph files
       were okay, but translation to les houches accord format was wrong.

4.1.19 (16/2/07) JA: New scale choice in setscales.f:
       - For non-fixed scales, mu_F^2 = mu_R^2 = 
          scalefact^2*(Max(final-state mass^2)+
                       Sum(pt^2 for jets and massless particles))
       - For fixed scales, the scales given in run_card.dat (as before)
       Fixed problem with second refine on systems that don't allow
         files overwritten by the > notation.
       Fixed problem with scratch file in combine_events.f/run_combine

4.1.18 (9/2/07) JA: Restored gen_ximproved.f from version 4.1.15 due
       to bug severly reducing event generation efficiency

4.1.17 (5/2/7) FM+MH: Standalone improved, model are now really indep of ME

4.1.16 (2/2/07) JA: Improved speed of combine_events.  Added "Remove
       job" and "Reset grid" functionality to online generation

4.1.15 (02/02) MH: First version of a Standalone newprocess

4.1.14 (30/1/07) MH: New managment of job killing in newprocess
       RF: Fixed bug in rw_events.f

4.1.13 (23/1/07) RF: in TDPLOTS directory changed plot_events.f and added 
       file td_card.dat

4.1.12 (19/1/07) FM: plot_events.f calls to read_event made compliant
       with the new list of arguments introduced in version 4.1 

4.1.11 (18/1/07) Increased max number of particles in multiparticle
       label to 20 in MadGraphII/params.inc and readmodel.f

4.1.10 (11/1/07) Fixed PDF number for cteq6m to point to file
       cteq6m.LHpdf instead of cteq6mE.LHgrid for Pythia run

4.1.9  (6/1/07) Addition of routines for matching of jets between
       MadEvent matrix elements and Pythia parton showers. Changes to
       MadGraphII and Template to perform event clustering according
       to diagrams and alpha_s (and Sudakov) reweighting.  New
       Alpgen-like scale choices. New cut: minimum jet measure between
       clusterable partons.

       Changed or added files:

       In the MadGraphII directory:
       - driver.f
       - particles.f
       - write_configs.f
       - writedsig.f

       In the Template/Source directory:
       - combine_events.f
       - kin_functions.f
       - rw_events.f
       - setrun.f
       - dgauss.f (added)
       - setscales.f (moved to Template/SubProcesses)
       - run.inc
       - makefile

       In the Template/SubProcesses directory:
       - cuts.f
       - myamp.f
       - setcuts.f
       - symmetry.f
       - unwgt.f
       - addmothers.f (added)
       - cluster.f (added)
       - initcluster.f (added)
       - reweight.f (added)
       - setscales.f (moved from Template/Source and modified)
       - cluster.inc (added)
       - message.inc (added)
       - sudakov.inc (added)
       - makefile

       In the Template/bin directory:
       - newprocess

-- Passing to subversion 4.1 with the merging of the matching version with --
-- the main branch                                                         --

4.0.18 (3/1/07) MH: Modify makefiles to make TDPLOTS correctly. Remove the old
       source files in Source. Remove "-d" tag in pbs call for pythia and pgs.
       Run combine_event on a node.

4.0.17 (3/1/07) Added TDPLOTS in the main directory. This new version
       allows to produce topdrawer plots from lhe and lhco event files.
       There is also a script for combining plots together.  

4.0.16 (2/1/07) Removed bugfix in Zoom_Event in Template/SubProcesses/unwgt.f
       since it gave bad results in second run

4.0.15 (19/12/06) Pythia and PGS run on the cluster if requested, solve a bug
       in deleting jobs, correct cards for ATLAS and CMS for PGS

4.0.14 (18/12/06) Check in MadGraph for different final state masses
       in multiple processes also for scalars

4.0.13 (16/12/06) Let MadGraph write abs(masses) in phase space to
       allow for negative SUSY masses

4.0.12 (14/12/06) Include the MGMEVersion.txt file in the process tar-file

4.0.11 (13/12/06) New pythia and pgs from LHC Olympics

4.0.10 (11/12/06) Include also the DECAY directory in the downloaded bundle

4.0.9  (1/12/06) FM: Allowed negative values for the cuts
       (etmin,etamax,deltaR,s_min). If a value is negative, the
       request is inverted. So etmin(j)=-30 means et(j)<30 and so on.
       myamp.f modified accordingly so that if one of the cuts is
       negative, it it treated as a zero. Files touched:
       SubProcesses/setcuts.f SubProcesses/cuts.f SubProcesses/myamp.f

4.0.8  (1/12/06) DECAY software moved from template to MG_ME

4.0.7  (1/12/06) file MadGraphII/writeamp.f changed so to allow the 
       standalone matrix.f generation option.

4.0.6  (30/11/06) Fixed bug in Zoom_Event in
       Template/SubProcesses/unwgt.f (thanks Stephen Mrenna!)

4.0.5  (27/11/06) Fixed typo concerning photon initial states in

4.0.4  (27/11/06) Fixed bug in MadGraphII/readproc.f

4.0.3  (21/11/06) Fixed typo in Template/Source/DECAY/decay_couplings.f

4.0.1  (20/11/06) Changed Template/SubProcesses/myamp.f to set onshell
       resonances only within 5 widths from pole mass

4.0.0  New web interface, new directory structure, new event file
       format, new models. Changes in MadGraphII, Template, Models,
       HELAS.  New version numbering system.

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