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Thu May 18 13:30:34 2006 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by madgraph
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: v4_2_4, v4_1_38, MW2-split, before_MW, before_fuse, v4_1_45, v4_1_42, v4_1_43, stable_20060522, v4_1_41, v42-decaychains, v40_011206, v_40, v41, HEAD
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Original Version
#      particles_0001_v1.dat
#This is a special data file which contains particles of the
#Standard Model. The format for entering new particles is.
#Particle codes taken from  http://pdg.lbl.gov /2000/ montecarlorpp.pdf
#Name anti_Name  Spin    Linetype Mass Width Color Label Model
#xxx   xxxx      SFV      WSDC     str  str  STO    str  PDG code

# Quarks

d       d~        F        S      ZERO  ZERO    T    d    1
u       u~        F        S      ZERO  ZERO    T    u    2
s       s~        F        S      ZERO  ZERO    T    s    3
c       c~        F        S      ZERO  ZERO    T    c    4
b       b~        F        S      BMASS ZERO    T    b    5
t       t~        F        S      TMASS TWIDTH  T    t    6

# Leptons

e-       e+       F        S      ZERO  ZERO    S    e    11
mu-      mu+      F        S      ZERO  ZERO    S    mu   13
ta-      ta+      F        S      LMASS ZERO    S    ta   15
ve       ve~      F        S      ZERO  ZERO    S    ve   12
vm       vm~      F        S      ZERO  ZERO    S    vm   14
vt       vt~      F        S      ZERO  ZERO    S    vt   16

# Bosons

g        g        V        C      ZERO  ZERO    O   _    21
a        a        V        W      ZERO  AWIDTH  S   A    22
z        z        V        W      ZMASS ZWIDTH  S   Z    23
w-       w+       V        W      WMASS WWIDTH  S   W    -24
h        h        S        D      HMASS HWIDTH  S   h    25

# Groups of particles to sum over. Note spaces are important
# you can NOT have any spaces between particles to be summed over
# The following line is a TAG and should not be modified:

P uu~dd~ss~cc~g
J uu~dd~ss~cc~g
L e+e-mu+mu-ta+ta-veve~

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