SM calculator

When ready the data to Standard Model Calculator. The output file will be stored in the directory proc_name_here/Cards/param_card.dat .

Widths are calculated automatically at LO.
&alphaS(mZ) and its evolution (LO or NLO) is fixed by the PDF choice.
Yukawa couplings are calculated from MSbar masses.

Fermion masses
top pole mass GeV
bottom pole mass GeV
tau mass GeV

EW masses
Z mass GeV
W mass GeV
Higgs mass GeV

EW couplings
Calculation scheme
GF*105 GeV-2
sin2 &theta W

Yukawa couplings
Calculation scheme
top MSbar mass GeV
bottom MSbar mass GeV

CKM matrix (only Cabibbo angle).
PLEASE NOTE: This matters only if the option CKM was on when the code was generated.
Vud =Vcs =