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Mon Jun 19 16:51:38 2006 UTC (12 years ago) by madgraph
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: v4_2_4, v4_1_38, MW2-split, before_MW, before_fuse, v4_1_45, v4_1_42, v4_1_43, v4_1_41, v42-decaychains, v40_011206, v41, HEAD
Branch point for: MW2, v41-matching, v4_2_0, MadOnia, MWDEV
first version of sm_nohiggs
#     interactions_sm_v1.0.dat
#       File which contains allowed interactions. Must be named
#       interactions.dat and reside in the current directory for MadGraph
#       to see it.
#       3-particle vertices are entered as follows:
#       particle1 particle2  particle3 coupling_name model (QCD,QFD,QED,BRS)
#       Note: The ordering of particles is very important.
#       For FFV interactions, must use particles, not anti_particles.

# QCD interactions

d d g GG QCD
u u g GG QCD
s s g GG QCD
c c g GG QCD
b b g GG QCD
t t g GG QCD

g g g G  QCD

g g g g G G QCD QCD

# QED interactions

d d a GAD QED
u u a GAU QED
s s a GAD QED
c c a GAU QED
b b a GAD QED
t t a GAU QED

e-  e-  a GAL QED
mu- mu- a GAL QED
ta- ta- a GAL QED

# QFD Interactions

# FFV (qqZ)
d d z GZD QED
u u z GZU QED
s s z GZD QED
c c z GZU QED
b b z GZD QED
t t z GZU QED

# FFV (llZ)
e-  e-  z GZL QED
mu- mu- z GZL QED
ta- ta- z GZL QED
ve  ve  z GZN QED
vm  vm  z GZN QED
vt  vt  z GZN QED

# FFV (qq'W) - diagonal CKM
d u w- GWF QED
s c w- GWF QED
b t w- GWF QED
u d w+ GWF QED
c s w+ GWF QED
t b w+ GWF QED

# FFV (ll'W)
ve  e-  w+ GWF QED
vm  mu- w+ GWF QED
vt  ta- w+ GWF QED
e-  ve  w- GWF QED
mu- vm  w- GWF QED
ta- vt  w- GWF QED

# Boson 3-,4-pt

#   VVV
w- w+ a  GWWA  QED
w- w+ z  GWWZ  QED

#   VVVV
w- a  w+ a  GWWA  GWWA  QED QED
w- z  w+ a  GWWZ  GWWA  QED QED
w- z  w+ z  GWWZ  GWWZ  QED QED
w- w+ w- w+ GWWZ  GWWA  QED QED

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