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ModelVersion.txt  1.4  9 years  madgraph  pass to MW version 2.2 (need more level)
coupl.inc  12 years  madgraph  Original Version
couplings.f  1.16  8 years  madgraph  change maxlengt for a line in the param_card.dat
interactions.dat  1.7  8 years  madgraph  Changed VVHH vertex to standard notation
makefile  12 years  madgraph  Original Version
makefile_dynamic  1.2  10 years  madgraph  Passing to version 4.3, including grid running and new cuts
param_card.dat  1.5  11 years  madgraph  Removed block MODSEL in accordance with new standard
particles.dat  1.8  11 years  madgraph  removed the confusion between sm and sm_zerobmass
printout.f  1.2  11 years  madgraph  Removed the block MGSMPARAMS from the param_card.dat
sm_calc.html  1.2  11 years  madgraph  Changed defaults to correspond to calculator defaults

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