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ModelVersion.txt  1.3  11 years  madgraph  modif call to param_card for Matrix Element. OM
coupl.inc  1.2  12 years  madgraph  Redundant cmass removed and block MINPAR not read
couplings.f  1.11  11 years  madgraph  Remove unnecessary printouts
hardstop.f  12 years  madgraph  Original Version
interactions.dat  1.2  11 years  madgraph  Added w+w+>h+h+ interactions
makefile  12 years  madgraph  Original Version
mssm_calc.html  1.3  12 years  madgraph  Even more links
param_card.dat  1.4  11 years  madgraph  Removed redundant c mass
particles.dat  1.3  11 years  madgraph  Changed order to get z before a in resonance list
printout.f  1.5  11 years  madgraph  Removed unneeded PDF include
read_slha.f  1.6  11 years  madgraph  Replaced open_file by open_file_mdl to avoid conflict for combine_events
sm_read_values.inc  1.2  12 years  madgraph  Removed redundant variables, tidying up code

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